Erotic Mutual Body to Body Massage

Mutual Body to Body Massage

Close your eyes and drift away as my hot hands press and manipulate your muscles, stroking, rubbing, kneading and oiling your bare skin... easing away tensions and leaving you tingling... preparing you for what is to come..:)

As the music grows more seductive, your excitement mounts as I climb onto the bed and lower my perky breasts onto your back, your buttocks, my legs between yours. A short pause for us both to savour the sensations of bodily touch then I slide along your torso, butt, thighs and calves. After several minutes of slipping and sliding, you can turn over to face up.

The massage begins again at your feet. My hands, slick with oil, glide along your inner thighs, sliding just beneath your testicles, just missing your erect penis to chest, arms and neck, then back again... Just when you think you can't take any more, I'll climb back onto the table again and we'll slide face to face, chest to chest.

You lie on the bed as I apply soothing pressure to your body. We will both be naked and there's lots of full body exploration and nude, slippery body slide!

Just when you think you can't take any more, I'll wrap my fingers and thumb around the base of your penis, contract my fingers slightly to form a living "cock ring" and gently cup your testicles with my free hand... But you'll have to visit to find out what happens next!

Then..we switch roles! Touch and massage me, too! A ceremony with much erotically romance. A lot of closeness and exchange eternize this massage. Mutual massage - sinful like the hell, gently like the sky!

Imagine how aroused you will become, as you listen to the sensuous music, breathe in the delicious scents and let yourself drift away, anticipating my first touch of your bare skin.

"Erotic Mutual Massage "Erotic Mutual Massage "Erotic Mutual Massage "Erotic Mutual Massage