Erotic Mutual Body to Body Massage

This is a lovely, erotic massage whereby I will not only massage you with my hands but with my entire body. Arms, legs, breasts and buttocks will be "transformed" into massage instruments. In an attractive setting with adapted music, my naked body rhythmically slides over your entire body and in this way combines relaxation and excitement in an unprecedented way.

Massaging is often only done with the hands, but in fact I will use my entire body as a massage instrument. The massage is given on a bed, in an attractive room, with music to get you in the right mood. After a lovely refreshing shower to wash away all daily tensions, you lay down on my massage bed. I start scanning your body to feel whether you have hidden knots in your muscles. With rhythmic movements, harder and softer caresses I first try to help you relax completely and make you forget all your daily worries. Your back, buttocks, legs, feet but also your shoulders, arms and hands will be massaged. I will pour the warm oil freely over your body and mine own and afterwards I will make you familiar with the technique of a highly erotic and rhythmic Body to Body massage and Blowjob.

I will definitely rub you the right way :)

"Erotic Mutual Massage "Erotic Mutual Massage "Erotic Mutual Massage "Erotic Mutual Massage