Erotic Mutual Body to Body Massage

Close your eyes and drift away as my hot hands press and manipulate your muscles, stroking, rubbing, kneading and oiling your bare skin... easing away tensions and leaving you tingling... preparing you for what is to come..:)

We will start the session by taking a hot & playful shower together. Then I will have you lie face down, naked, on the bed and gently start stroking you and massage you with my entire body, you will enjoy a proper body on body massage. You will feel the gentle caress of my breast and nipples on your body as I do this.

I will now have you turn over and will start long gliding strokes from your shoulders down over your abdomen onto your legs, you will again feel the erotic charge of my body caressing & teasing yours. You will feel my glide from one part of your body to another you will feel my body brush over your genitals, teasing them. This teasing process, is drawn out by brushing the inner thighs, near the genitals, very lightly t ouching the pubic region.

The rest of your erotic massage will now focus on the genitals, a prolonged hand relief + periodic sweeps up and down your body to spread, balance, energy, and integrate the sensations. I will slow down, stop, start again...until the blissful finish..;)

"Erotic Mutual Massage "Erotic Mutual Massage "Erotic Mutual Massage "Erotic Mutual Massage