Erotic Mutual Body to Body Massage

About Your Sensual Masseuse

Hello, my name is Emily. I've been a sensual masseuse for almost 2years now offering the finest mutual body to body massage sessions. My services are unique. They are offered by a highly experienced female who has dedicated herself exclusively to upscale gentlemen. I offer a no nonsense approach to Tantra without all the hype. My goal is to offer a client the finest massage session where closeness, strength and tenderness prevail.

To me, a fabulous erotic mutual massage session means accepting the person I am working with and offer them my utmost attention and tenderness. To be close to someone, to enjoy the erotic touch, to feel every breath.. This is how I view a session. Others may look upon it differently, but I am set on my own point of view. I consider my sessions a highly erotic experiment for both the client and myself, as neither party can possibly know the true outcome...however, the outcome of any session I offer is highly exquisite!

*** MY STATS*** name: Emily *** age: 27yo *** hair: medium black *** height: 5'4'' *** nationality: Czech