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Are you looking for the ultimate sensual masseuse who will pamper and spoil you? Treat yourself to the benefits of having that exciting massage experience. I offer an exciting and stimulating VIP experience that will take you to the next level of pleasure...

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Young & Blonde ENGLISH Emily

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. I am a very down-to-earth young lady who loves to meet new people and live life to the full. I love being a masseuse and I find it very rewarding as I get great satisfaction from making people happy. I enjoy living an active and healthy lifestyle and work out regularly to keep my body looking sexy.

I'm currently living and studying Law in London saving up for a trip round the world, something I always wanted to do! I love music, so festivals and gigs are always a win, I also own a vinyl collection which is ever growing...

People always comment about my smile and I often get told a lot that I look exactly like my photos..

Facts: ENGLISH, blond (natural...ish!), 26 yo.
Books: High Fidelity, The Hobbit, About A Boy, Lost Art Of Keeping Secrets, The Beach.
Films: Leon, Knocked Up, Amelie, Breakfast Club, High Fidelity.
Music: Jazz & Classical Music

Erotic Body-on-Body with ORAL

A great place to start, this highly erotic form of massage is done completely in the nude, allowing our energies to intertwine so that we may achieve the maximum amount of transference between the two of us. Erotic and relaxing, this session is ideal for the workaholic or man-on-the-go in need of a little respite from the world.

I apply generous amounts of naturally unscented oils to both of our bodies with long, sensuous strokes. Then, I use my entire body to massage yours. This is not merely me rubbing my breasts on you (although I do that too!), or turning you into a Slip N Slide. This is slow, sexy and indulgent. Your body is my canvas, and by utilizing my whole body, I am able to hit a multitude of pressure (and pleasure) points simultaneously, resulting in the most ecstatic experience.

The erotic massage terminates with lingham massage -- oral/blowjob, which is just to complement the deep relaxation of a massage, and aimed at achieving that full feeling of ecstasy .

The creativity and energy flow during these sessions are always extraordinary.

Naughty Boy Massage - My version of Tie and Tease

The Naughty Boy Massage is available for those attracted to the "darker" side of things, or those longing to give up control and submit.

The Naughty Boy Massage employs various elements of kinky and playful BDSM depending on your needs and desires. I utilize sensory deprivation and bondage to heighten your sense of touch, allowing me to play with your body and mind, taking you on a sensory journey like no other.

This a very sensual & erotic 'head2toe' light tickling torture tease & massaging your whole body with hand-glides, h and-brushes & hand-squeezing... PLUS flirtatious feathers, chocolate body icing, masks, honey to make it sooo torturously delicious.. let my fingernails do the walking over every muscle with the lightest, barely there touch..tingly goose bump finale..

Extended Pleasure - Teasing Lingam Massage

The massage is centered on and around the sacred organ, your Lingam. An Extended Lingam massage is one of the greatest and purest pleasures a man can receive. You will feel as if you have been touched by the heavens. Your body will experience an all over tingling sensation, one that builds up.

I will give you my full attention, the massage focuses entirely on your erogenous zones at your front and your penis, testicles and scrotum. Once started, the most important thing is to let yourself go. Submit yourself to the pleasure and never fight it. Do exactly as instructed in order to receive pleasure that you can be sure you will never get any other way. When you cannot take it any longer, you will be able to release. This is quite easily one of the greatest experiences. I know how to properly prolong the massage and ensure that the massage, and you, last as long as you want. Even your "sacred spot" (prostate gland) will be stimulated to ensure that when you do climax, the experience will be out-of-this-world.

To most men, an Extended Pleasure massage is a level of pleasure and pure ecstasy that just cannot be attained in any other way. This massage is just what any man needs to revitalize the mind, lift up the body and re-energize his sexuality. I provide the ultimate Extended Pleasure Massage. One experience with me is all it takes for a man to come back for more.

Mutual Massage - Pleasure Both ways (includes Assisted Shower, Extended O and Mutual Intimate Massage)

My ultimate desire is to provide you with an authentic and honest intimate experience.

The Mutual Massage is an intense journey of mutual pleasure, I will perform a full body-to-body erotic massage in which you will share a series of erotic positions, in order to experience the most intimate and beautiful mutual sensuality. During the massage you'll hear my breath in your ear, my breasts stroking your back, my hands and mouth discovering every inch of your body. Afterwards there will be a face-to-face body-to-body and mutual stroking with the hands and mouth over each other's body.

Rates & Packages

Erotic Body-on-Body Massage with Oral and Assisted Shower:
60 minutes: £120
90 minutes: £170
120 minutes: £220

Naughty Boy Massage - my special version of Tie&Tease - you have to try!:
60 minutes: £140
90 minutes: £190
120 minutes: £240

Extended Pleasure Massage - includes Assisted Shower, B2B, Extended Oral:
60 minutes: £140
90 minutes: £190
120 minutes: £240

Mutual Massage - Pleasure Both Ways - includes Assisted Shower, B2B both ways!, Extended Oral:
60 minutes: £160
90 minutes: £210
120 minutes: £260

Booking Information

I am generally available from 11am to 11pm for incalls in my flat in SWISS COTTAGE (5min walk from the tube station).

Call Me

If you want to book a massage session with me please call me on